Pack more with less hassle. Briggs & Riley has really innovative feature that provides maximum capacity while still meeting the airlines restrictions. They came up with a neat expansion-compression feature that allows you to pack more and then very easily compress it back down to a size restriction. The Briggs & Riley Baseline CX function works like this: replacing the full wrap-around zipper that is found on most bags that allows the bag to expand, is a cool ratchet-up type of handle that instantly gives the bag about one-third more packing space. After packing, you reverse the process by easily popping-down the same mechanism – the bag automatically compresses itself back down to the original size, one that meets airline size restrictions. It saves you the hassle of sitting on your luggage in order to zip it up. Compression mechanist is also almost like a vacuum, pushing the excess air out and neatly holding the contents firmly in place.

Life Repair Warranty Briggs & Riley luggage shines when it comes to their warranty. Their warranty states “If your Briggs & Riley bag is ever broken or damaged, even if it was caused by an airline, we will repair it free of charge – Simple as that!”

Warranty covers the repair on all functional parts of your luggage for life. You can either take it to an authorized B&R repair facility or mail your bag to an official B&R repair center. The Bottom Line Briggs & Riley Baseline bags are built with quality, attention to detail and excellent functionality in mind. If the idea of a classic-looking, durable and well-designed luggage with a lifetime repair warranty appeals to you, Briggs & Riley would the best option to consider.