Travelers Top Tips for Packing

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Travelers' Top Tips to Pack Smart We reached out to Top Contributors in our traveler community and asked for their best-ever packing tips. Here’s what they had to say.

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Briggs & Riley Baseline NEW Navy Limited Edition

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THE NEW BASELINE® NAVY LIMITED EDITION Luxurious detailing like chrome-accented hardware, and deep, rich, colorfast ballistic nylon set a new style standard for global travel.

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The Rules You Need To Know When Airlines Lose Your Luggage

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TRAVEL 10/13/2017 06:25 am ET The Rules You Need To Know When Airlines Lose Your Luggage It’s more than you might think. By Suzy Strutner Read More

Antler Aire Dlx

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Antler Luggage launches Aire Collection Antlers Lightest Case Ever

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Stephanie Johnson

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Welcome to the world of Stephanie Johnson, where they invite you to always travel chick and in style. Stephanie Johnson a frequent flier, world traveler, and consummate organizer sought to create a destination-inspired line of travel toiletry cases that was as practical as it was pretty. The result is what we like to call beautiful utility: versatile pieces designed to simplify your life, but stunning enough to carry and wear as a stand-alone handbag or accessory. What makes them different is the eye-catching silhouettes that run the gamut from streamlined simple shapes to multi-function cosmetic valises, their bags possess convenient features like removable pouches, zip pockets, snap-out mirrors, brush pockets, and clear plastic overlay that makes wiping the interiors clean a cinch. Aesthetics are essential: bags feature bold prints and luxuriant fabrics, liners in contrasting splashes of color, and carefully chosen details like Turkish silk knot zipper pulls. While Stephanie keeps a watchful eye on the latest trends, she ultimately focuses on creating beautiful, durable, classic pieces that will stand the test of time. 1. Jumbo Zip Cobalt/ Fuchsia -Assess the essentials instantly with our sheerly chic Jumbo Zip pouch, a roomy, see-through toiletry bag that leaves little to the imagination. The wrap-around zip closure both secures and opens wide to deliver easy access to the contents. 2. Miami Cobalt/ Fuchsia -From beach to poolside, you’ll look and feel stunning transporting your essentials in our water-resistant, see-through Carry-All tote bag. Ultra-roomy, it features a flat base to keep it upright, a small slip pocket, and has a full-length top zipper to secure the contents. Look through the vibrant Miami Cobalt walls and even gray winter skies turn azure blue! 3. Iris small cosmetic bag - this deluxe cosmetic bag with zip-top closure is perfect for tossing into your tote or suitcase. The detachable strap means you can also carry it as a wristlet, so grab one and go!

Transcend VX

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Briggs& Riley (2017 New Release) Presenting the New Transcend VX Collection “We are thrilled to introduce the next elevation of our signature Transcend collection,’” said Briggs & Riley CEO Richard Krulik. “Design, functionality and style reach new heights – and expansion levels – with our VX feature.”

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Father's Day Gifts

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Father's Day is almost upon us, and as usual, you're struggling to think of something special to get dad that isn't tie, and doesn’t break the bank. For those who don't have time to think outside the box, it’s coming Sunday June 18th. We've prepared a handy little list of Father’s Day gifts that he won't forget about a day after. We love that there's a day carved out just for the leading men in our lives and we won't to show them how much we love them.

Wallets for men remain to be to be an essential storage for very important belongings such as identification cards, credit cards and cash. Wallets, just like clothes has to match the specific needs, character and even fashion sense of the consumer with the numerous wallet designs, men have the opportunity to choose from the wallet sizes, preferred number of spaces for cards. Here are a few of our favorites and most popular brands and styles to fit even the pickiest fathers.

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Great Gift items NEBO Flashlights

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Great Gift Items Red Line by Nebo Nebo is one of the world’s bestselling lines of innovative, consumer friendly flashlights and tools. Ever changing and never compromising. They create and see their products through every phase of development. From the conception of drawing on the sketch pad all the way to the end. They offer quality that is unmatched.

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RFID Technology

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RFID Protection: RFID Wallets, Passport Cases, Handbags, and Bags RFID has become a bit of a buzzword when it comes to personal security. RFID blocking wallets, handbags, briefcases, and passport casesare growing in popularity and availability in a variety of products. What is this technology and what does this mean for you?

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Briggs & Riley

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Briggs & Riley is a company that is focused on providing luggage that meets the needs of their customers. Their mission is focused on providing the best luggage experience for their customers, updating their lines and products as customers’ needs and industry evolves. As a result you will find great attention to functional details and quality. Briggs & Riley customer is the one who tends to invest in their luggage, demand more from it and look for the return in their investment in terms of durability and function.

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Baggallini Has Landed

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New Baggallini Has Landed

Life is a journey. Just ask the two flight attendants who founded baggallini. They wanted a travel companion, something stylish with plenty of pockets to help them move from place to place. So on their next trip they found some people who could help them make exactly that. Soon the cabin crew all wanted to know wherethey got their bags, with the passengers not far behind. Before they knew it, they were sitting around their kitchen table, not just making bags but making a business. Twenty years later, the baggs they created are still working hard for the everyday traveler. Baggs that are beautifully organized, to help their owners move from place to place. So whether your day takes you five blocks or five time zones… Our baggs are there to help you glide effortlessly through it. Welcome aboard!

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Zika shouldn't stop travel in continental U.S.

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Travel restrictions are not needed within the continental United States for pregnant women out of concerns about the mosquito-born Zika virus, National Institutes of Health disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNBC on Monday. Matthew J. Belvedere Monday, 18 Apr 2016 | 8:51 AM ET

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New Airline Responsibilities for Damaged Luggage

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The Department of Transportation has a stern warning for airlines that try to skip out on reimbursing customers whose checked baggage was damaged while in transit.

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The Flight Attendant’s Guide to Packing Light

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When it comes to packing light and efficiently, flight attendants know best—here are 11 of their best tips and tricks. We asked the world’s most experienced travelers—flight attendants—for their finest tips and tricks when it comes to packing the perfect suitcase. Nicole flies all over the U.S. (and blogs at, Gretchen has been working international flights for 17 years, and Jenny* has been exploring the world as a flight attendant for 28 years. Learn their best-kept organization secrets to making your next trip (and bag) feel easy and breezy. **Names changed for those wishing to remain anonymous.*

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Things To Do Before A European trip

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By Chelsea from Count Me Healthy

But while it’s fresh in my mind I wanted to share some things you must do before embarking on your trip to Paris. These can really be used for planning to ANY European City within the EU. Some of these things I’ve done in my international travels and some I wish I would have done (so please learn from my planning and lack of). Some to dos on this list aren’t fun or glamorous but they are necessary, so if you get them done ahead of time you can just focus on being your fun and glamorous self while exploring the beautiful city instead of worrying.

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Carry On Liquids

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Rules for Carry on Liquids

3-1-1 for Carry-ons

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Guide to Airline Fee's

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Carry On Guide

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Johnny Jet Six ways to get the best coach seat on an airplane

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Greetings from New York City! In California we pretty much have an endless summer which is why I spent Labor Day on the East Coast. Here the holiday is really celebrated the way it’s supposed to be as the last weekend of summer. When I was checking in for my flight to get here I used some tricks that I’ve never divulged to secure the best possible coach seat. I went from a middle to an exit row aisle. Here are some tips for how you can get that mini upgrade too. Read More

The Single-Bag Solution For Solution

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September 6, 2012 Air travel isn’t getting any easier or less expensive. Rising fuel prices, more competition, airline consolidation and nickel-and-dime fees all add up to an industry in turmoil. In the push-and-pull between profits and good service, it’s the customers that get caught in the middle. For those of us that have no choice but to fly frequently for business, our war stories are legion. Over the past few years, I’ve made one small adjustment that’s taken a lot of the chaos out of flying. I’ve stored my large luggage set in the attic and embraced single-bag travel. It’s true—whether I’m flying on business or for pleasure, I only pack a carry-on. Here are some of the benefits I’ve noticed and a few tips on how to make single bag travel work for you.

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Choosing The Right Luggage

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Choosing the right luggage can be a difficult decision, especially for the inexperienced traveler. That’s why Ace Luggage has put together a few helpful tips for choosing the luggage that will best suit your needs. Read More

Packing Tips

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Packing can be both exciting and stressful, but with these helpful packing tips from Ace Luggage you can eliminate the stress. Read More

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